Privacy policy


I do not collect any information about your calendars, the events on your calendars, or your class schedule. The only information I collect is anonymized basic usage information via Google Analytics.

No calendar data collected

All aspects of parsing of your class schedule and adding it to your calendar happens inside your web browser, on your computer. This website does NOT read, collect, or store calendar events, nor does it send class schedules anywhere except your calendar. Read permissions are not even necessary for the site to function, but Google bundles them with the permission to add events.

For additional assurance of nothing bad going on, please visit the codebase at

Basic usage data collected

This website uses Google Analytics, which sets a browser cookie to collect the following anonymized information:

I use this information to determine how many users visit (so I know if it is worth it to keep updating the site, haha), to understand how users are interacting with the site, and to give me an early warning if class parsing suddenly starts failing.

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